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Our Story

The story is simple, It all started out with an epiphany that hit Troy Bilodeau January 31st 2010.

A then long time friend Wayne Rezunyk and Troy put their heads together and started testing that day, this was followed with a little research (tasting) okay okay a lot of research, then they agreed that they maybe on to something. Countless hours of, testing and researching and the duo came up with what is now “De la Tierre” Maple Liqueur Tequila. With a lot of effort, belief, luck and unquenchable desire to make this spirit a true blend of Canadian and Mexican taste at their finest, “De la Tierre” Maple Liqueur Tequila was born !

Extensive “testing and researching” later and partnering with Ralph Berezan who had the same desire and vision, we are now able to offer a unique flavored Tequila, the only Canadian Maple flavored Reposado currently on the world market. The name De la Tierre is slang in Spanish for “from the Earth or of the Earth” as both the Canadian Maple tree and the Mexican Agave plant are grown in the Earth.

No longer just for our friends and family, you are invited to enjoy this very special blend of spices, 100% pure Canadian maple syrup, mixed with a gold medal winning 100% Blue agave Reposado Tequila from Mexico. “De la Tierre” Maple Liqueur Tequila will be available for the enjoyment of all.

We hope you enjoy the plethora of tastes that this flavored Tequila has to offer!

About our Tequila

We use an awarded Reposado Tequila as our base. This is a Highlands Tequila also know as from ‘Los Altos’. We also use pure maple syrup from the largest producer in the world, Citadelle Co-Operatives in Plessesville, Quebec, and pure cinnamon oil from Sri Lanka. While all ingredients are organic and gluten free we do not claim the ‘finished product’ as organic, as it is a lengthy process to receive official ‘organic’ designation in the US market. We have 2 names, Maple Liqueur Tequila in Canada, and Maple Cinnamon Liqueur in the US. This needed to be done for approval in each country for the trade name and ultimately to appease the Tequila Regulatory Council in Mexico (Mexican Federal Government). The Tequila Regulatory Council has complete control over the word ‘Tequila’ world wide under Appellations of Origin. This is the same reason it is called ‘Champagne’ in France and sparkling wine for all other countries.

We purchase our glass from a Mexican manufacturer and only ship in labels, maple, and cinnamon. The distillery mixes our formula and ‘Hand labels’ our finished product for outbound shipping.

A little side note, flavouring of Tequila has only been allowed since 2009 and we began in 2010.

We received a 2011 silver medal at San Francisco World Spirits Competition in March of that year. We put the first bottles produced on a shelf in BC at the end of August 2011, only 5 months later – not a bad start for us! We then received a bronze medal for the 2013 Brand of Promise from Tequila Aficionado in Texas followed by a bronze medal for 2014 Spirits of Mexico Competition in San Diego.

Currently selling in British Columbia, Alberta, and Texas! We’re expecting many more areas to come, stay tuned!

Our Product


El Viejito is a classic Mexicano tequila company, claiming roots back to 1937.

The distillery is located in the town of Atotonilco, approximately 98 km (60 miles) from Guadalajara, in the “Highlands” of the State of Jalisco in Mexico. This region is recognized, among other things, for having the best soil, climate, water and altitude to grow Agave plants and of course for the quality of the tequilas produced in this region.

All of El Viejito’s 100% blue agave tequilas show moderate to macho agave intensity and flavor, with pepper and citrus as secondary notes. High quality water, ripe agave and lots of experience combine to produce the premium tequila they have been making since 1937.

El Viejito” was one of the founders of the Tequila Regulatory Council in 1994.

Aguila Reposado

Full and mellow on the attack. Yellow color with simple agave and moderate intensity. Caramel and acetone notes cover slight agave, fruit, and caramel aromas. Sweet and medium in the mouth. Lots of caramel and oak flavors with decent agave. The finish is very hot and very sweet.

Our Product