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Original “DE LA TIERRE MAPLE LIQUEUR TEQUILA” has limited supply & is selling out fast!

COMING SOON – Our new and improved Maple Tequila

New Look   ·   New Formula   ·   New Size

De la Tierre
Maple Liqueur Tequila

100% Blue Agave Tequila with a Canadian flare!

Simply the BEST Reposado Tequila and Canadian Maple mix the world can offer.


Where to buy

De la Tierre Maple Liqueur Tequila is available for purchase in BC and Alberta.
We are excited to announce that you will soon be able to purchase in all Canadian provinces.

Learn about the El Veijito Distillery were our Tequila is made and bottled

86 years ago, Indalecio Nunez Muro founded Tequila El Viejito. This adventure would mark his life, that of his family and countless other people for years to come. His sons, Jorge and Antonio, as well as his daughter, Elena, guided the company during the second generation by adhering to their father’s legacy. Today, the third generation is equally committed to producing El Viejito with the wisdom gained by experience. El Viejito strives to follow its founder’s footsteps in maintaining a socially and environmentally responsible company.