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Cambios Cambios Cambios ! Changes Changes Changes!

Our tasty new formula will be available soon!

We have always been proud of what we have accomplished along our journey, but all good things come to an end and a new beginning starts! Don’t worry; you’ll love us even more when you taste our latest formula.

We’re working hard to bring you an even more satisfying taste, and we have redeveloped our formula. You will enjoy one of the best Blanco’s with the flavour of the Maple you have grown to love and cherish.

Utilizing all the flavour notes of a Blanco Tequila with the citrus, vegetal and pepper notes for spice and the sweet flavour of oven cooked Agave, we know you will be impressed with the new refined flavour notes and finish of our Maple flavor Tequila.

With the maple reduction, it allowed us a name change for our product as well; we will now be named ‘Maple Flavour Tequila’.

A new look featuring our newly refined flavour will also feature a new bottle size! With an increased ABV% too! This hot new release will be out soon!

Cheers to a tasty new maple flavour tequila!